General terms

  1. The following general terms of business and payment are exclusively valid for all orders placed with the publisher. Any other agreements must be confirmed in writing by the publisher to be valid. The order is placed by returning a signed order form and is irrevocable unless a written withdrawal letter is sent within one week from date of order placement.

  2. The publisher reserves the right to accept or refuse the registration and to decide how it will be classified and where it will be placed in the directory. The customer bears sole responsibility for the punctual delivery of the proper documents and details for the registration. Should the publisher not receive these documents within 4 weeks of the date of order the registration will go ahead using whatever documentation is available. Subsequent registrtations will be published in the same form as the first one, unless the publisher is instructed otherwise. The customer is responsible for informing the publisher promptly about necessary alterations.

  3. Should the data be partially or completly missing or classified incorrectly due to a mistake on the publishers part, the customer has the right to demand an immediate correction and an appropriate reduction of the price. The publisher assumes no further liability, especially for claims for damages, unless premeditation or gross negligence can be proved.

  4. The quoted prices are valid for a single registration for a one year term, unless there exists signed and confirmed documentation from the publisher stating different prices and/or terms. In the case that a contract lasts for several years then the registration price is payable per annum. Terms of payment are 14 days from issue of the invoice.

  5. Verbal agreements with the publisher's employees, representatives or commercial representatives must be confirmed in writing by the publisher to be valid. The contract remains valid even if one or more parts of the contract are or become partly or completely invalid.

  6. Exclusive place of jurisdiction and performance is the publisher`s place of business. The publisher reserves the right to take legal action in the customer's place of jurisdiction.

  7. The publisher reserves the right to publish the information on any new data medium resulting from technological developments.

  8. According to 33 of Federal German Law of protection of the privacy of personal data the publisher - as a precautionary measure - draws attention to the fact that for publishing purposes all data will be stored electronically.